Sunset Raw Juice Bar  @ Foundry Row  

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About Us 

Who We Are

Sunset Raw Juice Bar is the newest, addition to Foundry Row in Owings Mills MD! 

We cater to individuals, families, and all members of the community to experience healthy slow processed raw juices. Sunset Raw Juice Bar will not only specialize in raw juices, but our products will also include, Acai Bowls, Protein Smoothies, Green Smoothies and Wellness Shots. 


Is not just a slogan, but it is a way of life. Sunset Raw Juice Bar firmly believes that a healthy, functioning body runs at its ultimate best, when the fuel used to drive that body, is pure and offers a variety of nutrients. 

Allow Sunset Raw Juice Bar to make juicing convenient and fast for you! 

Join The Team

Healthy eating is a joint team effort, with Sunset Raw Juice Bar on your side, you are destined for victory! 

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